Tijuana Tuesdays at Salty Senorita

Looking for something to do this weekend? "Night Owl" is a quick guide to special nights at bars and clubs around town. We'll give you a few hints re: cover, dress code, music and atmosphere. Every Tuesday marks Tijuana Tuesdays at Salty Señorita.

Tijuana Tuesdays at Salty Senorita.
Tijuana Tuesdays at Salty Senorita.
Ryan Wolf
​Tijuana and Scottsdale don't typically have much in common, but every Tuesday, Salty Señorita brings the two cities together. Tijuana Tuesdays is an all day-long special on select cervezas and margaritas to the tune of cuts by DJ Steel.

Check out the latest edition here and our impressions after the jump...

DJ Steel at Salty Señorita.
DJ Steel at Salty Señorita.
Ryan Wolf

The Place: 3636 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

The Time: All Day Tuesday.

The Cover: None.

The Parking: Lot. 

The Bar: The laid back beachy bungalow boasts multiple bars and buckets of beverage bargains. The Tijuana Tuesdays specials are a $2 Pacifico, $3 Corona, $4 classic but tasty Margarita and a $5 bucket of Coronitas. 

The Music: Anything and everything brought to you by DJ Steel. He scratched up a scattershot of hip hop, country, 80s, and current pop tunes.

The Style: Salty Senorita is covered in eclectic electric decorations. Those in attendance kept it much more casual.

The People: Located in Old Town Scottsdale, the cerveza saloon brought in a busy Tuesday night crowd of both middle-aged couples and college-age crews. There were also more than a couple boozed-up regulars at the bar.

What we loved: The overall fun and friendly atmosphere as well as the convenience of the "put a cab on your tab" option on the menu. 

What we didn't love: The seemingly party shuffled soundtrack from DJ Steel.

Are we going back? Si.

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