Drink and doze: Meet new people while sipping cocktails in one of Suede's beds during its weekly soiree.
Drink and doze: Meet new people while sipping cocktails in one of Suede's beds during its weekly soiree.
Bruce Reade

To Ehre Is Human

In both form and function, the human body has always been a nearly perfect work of art. Even so, its perfection hasn't stopped ambitious artists from using it as a canvas upon which to express their own artistic endeavors. In the Valley, exhibit A of this phenomenon would be the work of Stephen Ehre, a Scottsdale resident who's made manipulation of the human form his signature.Catch the unique style and vision of one of the Valley's most singular artists at "Eyes on Ehre," on display through December 22 at Alwun House, 1204 East Roosevelt. A solo exhibition of the artist's digitally enhanced photographic nudes, the collection features a compelling mix of archival and limited-edition prints manipulated in a variety of media. For details call 602-253-7887.- Craig Wallach

Talking Sheet

Have a nightcap in BED at Suede

Trying to get a certain someone to go to bed with you? Suede nightclub saves you the trouble of finding a pickup line and allows you to ask the obvious question with BED, its weekly Sunday-night soiree, where you can lounge on one of 12 king-size beds covered in satin sheets and absorb the suggestive atmosphere, from candle lighting and enticing music to chocolate-covered strawberries. Show up in pajamas or lingerie and you'll be sipping $3 cocktails all night long. Doors open at 9 p.m. at Suede, 7333 East Indian Plaza in Scottsdale. For details call 480-970-6969. - Michele Laudig

Horde Have Mercy

Fashion show launches new magazine

Fri 11/21
Like any group of creative people, a local fashion community comes together organically, through common interests -- and that usually means slowly. But Phoenix fashion designer Angela Johnson decided she'd speed up the process by becoming a publisher.

Together with her friend Daisy Rast, Johnson recently launched LabelHorde, a compact bimonthly directory of local fashion players.

"We started it as a way to bring together everyone in Arizona that is involved in fashion, from designers to models, fashion photographers to hair and makeup stylists, and everything in between," says Johnson, who admits her goal is to create a fashion industry "in hopes that, one day, Phoenix will be considered a fashion capital," like Los Angeles or New York.

To celebrate its debut, LabelHorde hosts a fashion show and auction on Friday, November 21, featuring the work of more than 30 local clothing and accessory designers. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. for the 8:30 p.m. show at The Fountains in Mesa. Tickets, $15 to $100, are available in advance at www.labelhorde.com. - Michele Laudig


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