We don't know how this thing is scored, and we don't care.
We don't know how this thing is scored, and we don't care.
Mark Poutenis

Toe Jam

SAT 10/29
What is it within us that makes us want to do things like wrestle in Jell-O or pudding, bathe in spaghetti noodles, or feel mud squishing up between our toes? If you've been neglecting your inner child, let it loose at Kokopelli Krush, a grape-harvest celebration and foot-stomping party on Saturday, October 29. You can wear a bathing suit or old clothes, jump up and down like an ape and crush grapes under your feet, and still indulge your adult competitive urges. Teams of two will compete at 1 and 7 p.m. for gift certificates, as well as wine from a recent harvest. There will also be tastings, live music, and a grape pool for the kids. The cost per team is $10. The stomp's on at Kokopelli Bistro and Winery, 35 West Boston in Chandler. Call 480-792-6927 or visit www.kokopelliwinery.com. -- Niki D'Andrea

Spoke Signals
Two sports in one

SAT 10/29
Leave those psychedelic spandex, water-hydration packs and energy bars at home and pedal toward a finish line filled with frothy pints during the second annual Tour de Bar Phoenix 2005. The low-endurance bike ride commences at Gallagher's, 7575 North 16th Street, and covers eight bars over a five-mile stretch in north central Phoenix. Approximately 30 minutes will be spent at each bar for suds and pub grub. While there won't be angry Frenchies lobbing foreign objects and screaming obscenities, expect some surprises along the tour, which will end at a group-designated watering hole near Seventh Avenue and Camelback. The event is free; just bring your own bike and enough cash to pump up that spare tire around your waist. Get pedaling at 3 p.m. Saturday, October 29. RSVPs are required. Visit www.tourdebarphoenix.com. -- Steve Jansen


Kokopelli Krush

Row Row Row Your Boats
Gently oar the lake

SAT 10/29
When you're strolling around Tempe Town Lake on Saturday, October 29, and see dozens of boats sweeping through the water at breakneck speed, chill -- it's just the Hot Head Regatta. "We haven't done it in a couple of years," says Joe "Okie" O'Connor, the Regatta's Small Craft Coordinator, "so this is a rebirth year." Your best view of the 2.75-mile race will be from the marina -- but if you'd rather compete, late-entry fees range from $30 to $98, and there's a category for everyone from novice to master. Call 480-350-8034 or visit www.regattacentral.com. -- Julie Peterson


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