Tome Bandits

Walking up the concrete canal entrance of one of Phoenix’s coolest buildings, Burton Barr Library, feels a bit like boarding the Starship Enterprise.

Beyond the Borg cube and around the corner from the computer screens, you'll currently find a more earthly experience in “Cover to Cover,” an exhibit of old-school books by photographer Kris Sanford and Tucson-based mixed media artist Beata Wehr.

Sanford’s work combines the pages of her grandfather’s 1954 diary with vintage photographs. Shadows and partially obscured figures are set against a horizon of neat, tilted script. Dreamlike details such as saddle shoes, a string of pearls and a little girl’s ruched dress emerge from the page. Wehr’s pieces are composed of more organic ingredients; quills and twigs and rusty bits of metal, many of them stitched directly onto paper. Her accordion fold artist’s book Abecedarium, featuring a many-pointed star of alphabet images, is a wonder.

May 6-31, 2011


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