Tools of Engagement

Back in high school, you religiously attended shop class. Your burgeoning teenage sexuality expressed itself through a profound fascination with power tools, and you always carried WD-40 in case of unexpected encounters in the proverbial tool shack of your imagination. Even today, cordless drills and heavy-duty miter saws spark a major “yes” throughout your body.

Randy Zucker’s “Man Up” exhibition should speak to your love for everything Home Depot-y, as her Warholian digital creations use workbench items as their central focus. With pieces such as Shapely and Functional (depicting a soft-focused cordless yellow drill against a stark field of orangey-red) and Now That’s Sharp (with its still life depiction of masonry-cutting blades sprinkled with eye-popping hues), Zucker’s art will give the nuts and bolts in your imagination an inspired tightening.

Fri., March 6, 6-10 p.m., 2009


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