Top Five Phoenix Arts and Culture Stories of the Week

If Bob Ross were alive today, he'd be painting happy little trees all over the place in ecstatic fervor for all the arts and culture happenings in Phoenix. To help you see the forest for the trees, here's a recap of the top arts and culture stories of the week.

Game Over: Organizers of Annual Video Game Fest "Devastation" Cancel This Year's Event

Gamers of the Valley, put down your controllers for a second and pay attention, because we've got some bad news: This year's Devastation is a no-go.

According to an organizer of the annual event -- which has taken place since 2005 and is essentially a gigantic video gaming fest featuring professional tournaments, cosplay action, and other joystick-related fun -- the 2012 edition of Devastation has been cancelled.

Robb Chiarini, event director for Devastation, confirmed that it was game over of this year's event during a brief phone conversation.

Read on to find out more about why Devastation was cancelled.

--Benjamin Leatherman

The NFL Announces Support of Bob Carey's The Tutu Project with a Half-Time Show

It's been almost six months since Bob Carey's world completely changed. The photographer (who grew up in Phoenix, but now works in New York) had been working on a series of self-portraits -- in each, he wears only a large tutu surrounded by landscapes and city scenes across the country.

And this October, Carey added a few more epic backgrounds to the list -- National Football League Stadiums.

Carey started photographing himself in a tutu as a means of expression when his wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer more than six years ago. The series (which he calls "Ballerina") has been showcased in galleries and museums and quickly caught the attention of a few foundations that approached his with an opportunity to raise money for breast cancer research.

From Ballerina "The Tutu Project" was born, and has since been featured on The Today Show, Carson Daily, and Yahoo! News (to name a few). And Carey announced recently that the NFL will support the project by granting access to stadiums across the county, including The New York Giant's MetLife Stadium, Indianapolis Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium, and the Arizona Cardinals' University of Phoenix Stadium.

Find out more about Carey's new collaboration with the NFL, and see more photos from the Tutu Project.

--Claire Lawton

A Downtown Phoenix Wish List: Seven Arts/Culture Resources We Need

Yes, downtown Phoenix has a (growing) culture of its own -- and plenty of spots that make us happy and proud to claim it as our own. But the grass, er dirt lot, could always be greener, and along with Chow Bella, we've come up with a few wishes we have for the hub we call home.

Here are a few arts/culture-related wishes we have for downtown Phoenix, inspired by lofty wishes, places we've been around town, and drool-worthy spots around the country. (And if we miss anything, feel free to add your own wishes in the comment section.)

See our full wish list for downtown Phoenix.

--Claire Lawton

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