Touch of Spice

When most of the dance you’re exposed to includes grinding and daggering in clubs, it’s tough to remember that dance can be beautiful, too. Oh, sure. Ballet is nice, but it’s just too perfect. Pretty girls in pretty clothes on their tip toes? Come on! Can’t we get something with a beat? Something with a little edge to it?

Luckily, celebrated Indian choreographer Pandit Chitresh Das brings a combination of exotic beauty, grace, power and beat to Scottsdale with the Chitresh Das Dance Company. On Friday, April 5, when his crew performs India Jazz Suites with tap dancer and Emmy Award-winner Jason Samuels Smith, the dances of Northern India (with a bit of western influence) come to life. The following evening the company performs the ancient epic Sita Haran.

Traditional Indian storytelling blends humor, tragedy and word of the divine. And there’s no grinding involved.

Fri., April 5, 8 p.m., 2013


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