Toying Around

There comes a time in every nerd’s life when it’s time to declutter. That means finding a good home for action figures (still sealed in original packaging, of course) and comic books that have been gathering dust. You can complete your collections by digging through other geeks’ tossed-off treasures at Trunk Space’s Nerd Shop & Swap II: The Quickening Saturday, March 30.

The downtown art and music haven hosts the second gathering of spring cleaners looking to unload their Star Wars toys, video games, artsy crafts, and other random collectibles. It’s a good bet that you’ll get to gawk at a mini-museum of Nintendo cartridges throughout historym, starting with the blockbusting NES. A bonus for hepcats: Gren Radcliff, proprietor of one of the Valley’s pioneering designer toy shops, Synthetic Compound, plans to unload what’s left of his inventory.

Sat., March 30, 11 a.m.-4 p.m., 2013


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