True Bromance

Spring is here, which means love is in the air (or so they say). Some will dabble in surface-level infatuations that sate them for a few weeks or months, while others will begin building lasting castles in the sky with their newly acquired snuggle bunnies. Know this, though -- the bromance has no season.

Justin Barker and Travis Pack, the essential components of local band Sleepwalk, a Robot, let their dude antics run free. These include coming up with purposely awful drink combinations at the local Sonic (Chocolate Sprite is their reigning champion) and uploading ridiculous videos to YouTube. The two former high school math teachers roll so tight that they pledged allegiance to an iPod as their backing band, forgoing the awkward fit of third-wheel bassists and drummers.

The fun of their friendship/bromance fuels the chemistry inherent to their melodic compositions, even when the subject matter veers toward serious ground. The self-pegged "acoustelectric rock gangstas" birthed an EP in 2007 and spent part of last summer touring, and neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail nor being cooped up in a vehicle for hours on the blistering asphalt could suppress the dude love.

Thu., April 17, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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