Twilight of the Year

How much do you love Twilight? Did you get misty-eyed when Edward Cullen broke up with Bella Swan and left her emotionally comatose in the woods? Or how about when Jacob Black went wolf AWOL before Bella’s wedding? And did you chuckle when little Renesmee uttered her first precocious words? If you answered yes to all, you’re a fan. And if you've had a heated argument about who is more bone-worthy – Edward or Jacob (we say Jacob, all the way) – then you are a bona fide Twilight nerd.

While you're at it, you might as well book your tickets to the Twi/Tour 2009 Twilight Convention. In the tradition of other dork culture conventions, you'll be treated to three separately-ticketed days of everything Twilight you could ever imagine, such as vendor booths galore and musical performances by Michael Welch, Goodnight Juliet, Candace Charee, and the Twilight Music Girls. You can also attend the Vampire Ball and rub shoulders with director Catherine Hardwicke and autograph-giving stars from the movie like Edi Gathegi (Laurent), Gil Birmingham (Billy Black), and a few others.

Fri., Aug. 14; Sat., Aug. 15; Sun., Aug. 16, 2009


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