Vajazzling: A New Kind of Bedazzled Box

Vajazzling: A New Kind of Bedazzled Box

Vajazzling is exactly what it sounds like, and with a spokesperson like Jennifer Love Hewitt (video after the jump), you'd better jump on that bandwagon while it's still afloat ... and sparkling.

In a typical vajazzling session, Sawarovski crystals are "tattooed" in a variety of shapes and messages. They're not permanent -- lasting about five days -- but are sure to make an impression.

Love Hewitt said hers felt like a disco ball.

If you're ready to have cubic zirconium affixed to your lady parts,

Suddenly Slimmer

wellness center and day spa in Phoenix is offering a free vajazzle with any purchase of a Brazillian wax. And may God help you. 


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