Viscous Circle

Truly great works of art remain embedded in your head long after you've seen or experienced them. Mike Neely – curator of and participating artist in the “Sticker Phiends 2” sticker-art show – knows this feeling, because the art he creates as MAD ONE is truly intended to (get ready for it) stick with you.

The exhibition will showcase local, national, and international urban artists from as far away as Spain, and will also celebrate those eye-catching mini-works that can transform the mundane objects of our daily lives (street signs, electrical boxes, boring corporate ads) into an impromptu gallery.

“Sticker Phiends 2” – also featuring works by Dolla Lama, Dumperfoo, PEZ, and the Dry Beaver Krew – opens with a First Friday reception at Space 55 Theatre.

Fri., April 3, 6-10 p.m., 2009


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