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Thanks to countless bumper stickers (and common sense), we know that skateboarding is not a crime. Between Tony Hawk video games and rappers Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell (a.k.a. Skateboard P), we dream of kick-pushing our days away. The national Go Skateboarding Day encourages just that, as the ’boarding industry hopes to corral skate vets and newbies alike. Cowtown Skateboards has its own McTwist on the unofficial holiday. The Valley's skateboarding stronghold uses its annual Golden Egg Quest to mark the summer solstice. "We wanted to make it an event to give back to skaters," says Cowtown’s Ed Cox Jr. Cox and partners Trent and Laura Martin will deploy employees and friends to hide numerous golden eggs in and around their warehouse. Each egg will contain vouchers for prizes ranging from T-shirts to free boards. Revelers can also grub up at the free barbecue and snag swag during product tosses and giveaways. Open mini-ramps and street props will enable skaters to get their grind on. All-ages.
Sat., June 21, 6 p.m., 2008


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