What A Dick

Boo on you, UofA. You’re indirectly responsible for the Arizona State Sun Devils Football ho-hum schedule to begin the 2010 season. You see, months before former Wildcats’ head coach Dick Tomey announced his retirement as head skipper of San Jose State’s football squad, he and his Spartans chinced out on their 2010 season-opening game against the Devils.

Enter the Portland State Vikings, which means ASU will play two Football Championship Subdivisions in a row (NAU comes to town September 11). Which means that the Devils can only count one of those wins towards bowl eligibility. Which makes ASU’s two-year postseason drought that much more difficult to overcome.

Hey, Tomey. Thanks for the parting gift, you old coot.

Sat., Sept. 4, 7 p.m., 2010


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