What Actually Happened in Your Favorite Romantic Comedies

The brutal truth of You've Got Mail — and your other rom-com faves.EXPAND
The brutal truth of You've Got Mail — and your other rom-com faves.
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Being in love can be complicated. But being in love in a romantic comedy? Despite the high stakes and silly trappings, the swoon-worthy arc is surprisingly simple. There's the meet-cute, which leads to the obstacles and then the smoochy resolution. It's not exactly complicated. Which is why we're taking a closer look at some of the greatest romantic comedies ever made and summarizing them in one to three sometimes upsetting sentences. Here's the frills-free version of what really happened.

You've Got Mail
A man destroys a woman's livelihood while flirting with her via AOL and hiding his identity. But he has a cool dog and buys her flowers on occasion. So.

A virgin who can't drive tries to get it on with her gay BFF, thwarts advances from a variety of d-bags, and decides on a relationship with her ex-step brother who pretends to enjoy Kafka. Majorly, totally, butt crazy indeed.

It's best not to overthink it.EXPAND
It's best not to overthink it.
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Pretty Woman
Man hires hooker, who enjoys shopping, Prince in the bathtub. He dresses her well, decides to keep her around longer, and presumably finances her post-ho lifestyle.

Read on for Love Actually, and, Notting Hill, obvs, Sleepless in Seattle.

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