Where the F#*k Do I Post This? (A Social Media Flowchart)

click on the image (or right here) for a full-sized version
click on the image (or right here) for a full-sized version
illustration by Claire Lawton
​Thanks to social media, our cool sightings, funny lines, lunch habits, dog's yawns, and daily outfit inspirations are broadcast to our social network (and beyond). And for better or worse, these outlets have become easier to sign up for ... and get sucked into on an hourly basis. 

Here's a quick guide for the moment that happens right after you take a picture with your phone or come up with a witty remark, and then have to ask yourself: Where the fuck do I post this?

And just in case you need a little rundown of a few of the social media tools in the flowchart above, they're explained here (in 10 words or less): 

Instagram: I am here (and I'm hip), right now.

Twitter: A chat room with a character limit. 

Tumblr: Hey, look at all the cool shit I find. 

Pinterest: Tumblr + Crafts. (More illustrated help here.)

Facebook: Oh, come on. (More illustrated help here.)

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