Wayne Brady (left) and Arsenio Hall
Wayne Brady (left) and Arsenio Hall

Whose Night Is It Anyway?

It's a complicated -- but worthwhile -- weekend at the Tempe Improv. First of all, it's truly improvisational: Sketch comedian Wayne Brady appears Thursday, November 9; Friday, November 10; and Sunday, November 12, at the Tempe Improv Comedy Theater.

Brady has emerged as the most acclaimed of the performers on ABC's Whose Line Is It Anyway?, in which suggestions from the audience or from moderator Drew Carey are turned into improv sketch comedy or, in Brady's case, sometimes impromptu songs. The series has become such a showcase for Brady that he is soon to get a show of his own on that same network. Those who saw his performance in Tempe earlier this year say it was phenomenally hilarious.

Brady, however, takes Saturday, November 11, off to make room for Arsenio Hall. The good-natured host of Fox's The Arsenio Hall Show -- the first late-night gab fest to threaten Carson -- and co-star of the Eddie Murphy films Coming to America and Harlem Nights, Hall looked poised for superstardom during the early '90s. That didn't happen, but he's never been out of work, either. In recent years, he's been a regular on the TV series Martial Law, and he's had a steady gig as the "Save a buck or two" guy in those phone-company commercials. Wonder if Brady will spend his night off whoop-whooping with Arsenio?


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