Wild, Wild West Side

It’s Friday night. Gentlemen are pressing their newest shiny button-down shirts and tweezing those rouge nipple hairs. Ladies are lathering with bronzer and reaching for padded bras. After a few million minutes in front of the mirror, it’s finally time to party. But this time, the debauchery is not in Old Town Scottsdale (gasp). Nope, the heat is on in north Glendale during the grand opening of Sangria Luxe Lounge. Check out the upscale club, which comes complete with squishy-boothed lounge areas, a bumpin’ dance floor, and eight different sangria drinks to get your blood sugar raging. Even though the spot is on the west side, we promise there’ll be plenty of eye candy, ’cause any place that requires applicants to include photos with their résumés is sure to deliver some hot tail.
Fri., Sept. 26, 9 p.m., 2008


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