Witching Hour

Thanks to all of the celeb gossip circulating recently, Halloween costumes are finally going beyond slutty cop and naughty nurse. Expect to see Gaga with a bug-eyed Bill Clinton lapping at her heels, Snooki in her signature tight leopard print dress, and maybe even a few rehabbed Amy Winehouse outfits with the addition of zombie makeup.

These are just a few of the ghastly guests who could turn up at Alwun House’s annual Monster’s Ball, which features outrageous costumes, free finger foods, a ghostly art show, and spooky décor including swamp monsters and a handmade 18-foot-high fabric spider named Shelob.

The voluptuous vixens of Provacatease will go bump and grind in the night, leading a cast of creepy characters including Ignite Collaborative Arts Project, Spell, and DJ-MX. Be forewarned: This year, Alwun House also boasts a set of stocks for public humiliation, and we’re guessing more than a few sinful spankings will end up as Facebook fodder.

Sat., Oct. 29, 8 p.m., 2011


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