Wiz Kids

Before Google Glass, there was the Power Glove. The wearable Nintendo controller is practically a supporting character in The Wizard, the 1989 film screening Saturday, June 15, in conjunction with the Phoenix Art Museum’s exhibit "The Art of the Video Games."

Corey (played by Fred Savage) jets from his broken home to break out his just-institutionalized little brother and Nintendo Entertainment System genius, Jimmy. On the run, they encounter Haley (a 13-year-old Jenny Lewis; yes, the singer-songwriter) who hips them to a video game contest in L.A. with a $50,000 prize. The flick is enjoyable as an ironic cult classic even though it progresses as predictably as you’d expect a feature-length Nintendo commercial to play out. See The Wizard at the 1625 North Central Avenue, at 2 p.m. The screening is free with general admission ($15 for adults) to the museum. Call 602-257-1222 or see www.phxart.org.

Sat., June 15, 2 p.m., 2013


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