Words to the Wise

We recall, in a low-level college English class, one cretin’s inquiry as to whether we were related to famed misogynistic, alcoholic poet Charles Bukowski. Thinking it was a joke (as our surnames are obviously different), we scoffed, only to look up at an earnest classmate’s face. And we vowed to become misogynistic alcoholics.

Okay, with exception to that last part, everything above is true. But maybe we should cut ‘em some slack. After all, poetry can be a tough medium to comprehend, what with its ambiguousness and strangely named writers and an ASU education. But when Lawn Gnome hosts Black & White Plumber’s Horn Picture Show the literary art will get its due. Headlining the evening is Michael C. Ford, a SoCal contemporary of Bukowski whose works are often accompanied by jazz music.

Ford will share the bill with Shawnte Orion, Chesko, and others at Lawn Gnome Publishing.

Thu., June 28, 7:30 p.m., 2012


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