Working Title

Bob Melvin knows first-hand how rough the job market is. The last time Melvin coached a game at Chase Field (as the Arizona Diamondbacks’ manager) he left the stadium unemployed. Despite being just two years removed from winning the MLB Manager of the Year award, Melvin was unemployed for more than two years before he landed a job as manager of the Oakland Athletics.

You’ll have to forgive Melvin, then, if he looks a little paranoid in the visitors' dugout this weekend when his A’s visit the Diamondbacks. Much like the D-Backs, the A’s have been thoroughly mediocre this season. Melvin’s job should be safe -- the A’s weren’t built to win a title this season anyway -- but we’re betting he’ll be relieved to get out of Phoenix all the same.

Sun., June 10, 1:10 p.m., 2012


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