WTF NASA: A Collection of NASA-Born Ideas That Have Made Life Awesome

WTF NASA: A Collection of NASA-Born Ideas That Have Made Life Awesome

Jacob Mulligan is an undergrad student at Northeastern who just kicked off a website with a simple question: "What the fuck has NASA done to make your life awesome?"

The creative is a self-taught developer whose projects include Notely, PerkStreet Financial, and Readable, which simplifies and "cleans up" content on a few major publications and blogs.

His latest venture is WTF Nasa. With the push of a button, Mulligan's audience is exposed to a new, interesting idea, development, invention, or study from NASA headquarters that has made life on earth a little more easy ... and a little more awesome.

Current things NASA has done to make life awesome include: "Turned tradational food, cosmetics, & pharmaceutical safety inspections into scientific, prevention-based systems.," "Gave you satellite television," and "Gave you satellite television," (to name a few). Each tidbit comes with source information, and a big disclaimer -- no the page is not sponsored by and has no affiliation with NASA.

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If you have any uncovered, awesome NASA contributions, Mulligan asks that you send them via twitter to @jcbmllgn or through email at

h/t @safwat

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