Yang Tough

No city on earth has produced more quality hip-hop in recent years than Atlanta. Outkast, Danger Mouse, and Ludacris are but a few standouts on The ATL's jaw-dropping list of exports. The city having long since established itself as a fiercely emulous refinery for hip-hop trendsetters, it's a bit baffling that chart-topping acts like The Ying Yang Twins occasionally escape the fires of Hotlanta relatively unscathed.

Despite most of their repertoire sounding like Outkast outtakes, the crunk soul brothers have dropped hits aplenty by playing on club clichès about booty duties and indoor rainmaking. Yet, amidst bountiful wang innuendos, The Yangs have shown flashes of maturity with tracks like "Ghetto Classics" by tackling subject matter that actually matters.

Sat., July 28, 7:30 p.m., 2012


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