The Meat Puppets

You can't swing a Gin Blossom without hitting a concert this weekend

No, really. There's a ton of music happenings invading the valley this weekend.

Kicking things off is Theonix Arts Showcase: Volume II on Friday. Expect performances from What Laura Says Thinks and Feels, and Rocketline, among others.

Saturday starts-a-rockin' with Tempe Music Festival. Local heroes the Gin Blossoms will be there, along with Austin, TX band The Meat Puppets, and My Chemical Romance. Oh, and in case you need reminding, Ms. My-hump-my-hump-my-hump herself, Fergie, will be there desperately syphoning talent off musical talent from the bands and acts who can actually play instruments. Check it out!

If music's not your thing, how do dragon boat races strike your fancy? The Arizona Dragon Boat Festival hits the water on Saturday. Don't miss a thing!


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