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  • The Broken Promised Land

    published December 21, 2000

    Maria Hernandez was 18 when a young man filled her head with exciting stories about the world that awaited them to the north. She slipped... More >>

  • Deportee's Over

    published November 30, 2000

    Rosa Perez de Lopez is a housewife, mother and criminal alien. But these days, her kids are on their own with homework while she sits in Nogales,... More >>

  • Drive-thru Deliverance

    published October 19, 2000

    Everything in the central Phoenix office building could vanish in a matter of minutes, leaving behind no signs of life. No family photos sit on... More >>

  • Inquire Practice

    published September 28, 2000

    A hint of nervous excitement creeps into Ana Issa's voice. Her words slip seamlessly from English to Spanish and back again as she explains her... More >>

  • Grill, Interrupted

    published August 24, 2000

    Mimi Rodriguez's mother was a hot tomato in the '50s. On Friday nights, she would break out TV dinners for the kids and put on her mink, her... More >>

  • Man on the Verge

    published July 20, 2000

    "There aren't many Mexican cowboys here tonight," says playwright Guillermo Reyes, with a hint of sardonic disappointment in his voice. A... More >>

  • Critical Connection

    published June 29, 2000

    "We've got to get the boca abreeed," yells the short, energetic ER radiologist in seventh-grade Spanish, butchering the phrase for "open... More >>

  • Worlds Apart

    published June 22, 2000

    "I have idealism in the face of a huge lie -- it's very American," says performance artist Tim Miller. He is standing on the sixth-floor veranda... More >>

  • Mujeres Don't Cry

    published April 20, 2000

    Leticia Calderon is not an actress. And, on stage, as she maneuvers her extremely pregnant body over to the stove to fetch her husband's... More >>

  • Phoenix or Busted

    published April 6, 2000

    There are women in tattered cotton shawls who kneel outside the border crossing station in Nogales, Sonora, to sell jigsaw puzzle maps of the... More >>

  • Cesar Saludo

    published April 6, 2000

    Francisca Montoya hugs a framed, autographed photo to her chest as shouts of "Si se puede" and "Viva la causa" ring through the... More >>

  • Working Stiffs

    published March 23, 2000

    A legislative bill to increase state employee salaries by 1 percent didn't survive the Appropriations Committee during this session. The... More >>

  • Ex-Prostitutes Who Proselytize

    published March 16, 2000

    Seventeen-year-old Jose from Culiacán, Mexico, sits handcuffed to a metal folding chair, looking as though he just dropped his ice cream... More >>

  • BOB's a Bust

    published March 9, 2000

    If you build a stadium, people will come," says William Garrard, former owner of Coyote Springs Brewing Company. But he adds, "It's a quickie... More >>

  • The Last Man in Cactus

    published February 24, 2000

    A rusty sign reading "Cactus Garage" marks the only remnant of what was once Cactus, Arizona. Make that one of two... More >>

Archives: 2001 | 2000