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  • Jerry Meander

    published November 22, 2001

    David Grisman and Jerry Garcia met as young folk-roots fans-cum-musicians attending a Bill Monroe concert in 1964. Garcia, as you may have heard,... More >>

  • Blast From the Past

    published October 11, 2001

    Directed by. Written by. Starring. Rated PG-13. More >>

  • Badge As He Wants to Be

    published October 4, 2001

    This may be a strange time to release a thriller about the dangers of corrupt law enforcement, but Training Day -- with no explosions, no... More >>

  • Legally Bland

    published July 12, 2001

    Back in her early teens, Reese Witherspoon proved herself a terrific actress in her big-screen debut, Man in the Moon, in 1991. Since then,... More >>

  • Kicked Butt

    published July 5, 2001

    Kiss of the Dragon -- the latest vehicle for martial arts star Jet Li, a mainland Chinese talent who became a superstar in Hong Kong and... More >>

  • Criminal Genius

    published June 28, 2001

    Sexy Beast, the debut feature from British director Jonathan Glazer, is a riveting, scary and often funny foray into a traditional American... More >>

  • Gem Fatale

    published June 14, 2001

    The current release of French director Nicole Garcia's Place Vendôme -- which was nominated for 11 César Awards when it debuted... More >>

  • Cut to the Chase

    published May 31, 2001

    Time and Tide -- the latest action picture from producer/director Tsui Hark, one of the world's great entertainers -- is a compendium of... More >>

  • Gauche Busters

    published May 3, 2001

    The directorial debut of actress turned screenwriter Agnès Jaoui (Same Old Song, Un Air de Famille), The Taste of Others... More >>

  • Guillotine Romance

    published April 5, 2001

    French director Patrice Leconte is a chameleonlike talent: Among his films to reach American screens are the psychological thriller Mr.... More >>

  • Mushy Feely

    published March 29, 2001

    Amidst the plethora of films with Freddie Prinze Jr., Mena Suvari, Chris Klein and Jason Biggs, it's nice -- in theory, at least -- to see a... More >>

  • Little Buggers

    published March 29, 2001

    As its title suggests, Spy Kids is an action fantasy aimed primarily at the preteen/early-teen audience. For all its thrills -- and it has... More >>

  • Gai Lib

    published March 8, 2001

    With In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar-wai solidifies his stature as the subtlest and most idiosyncratic of Hong Kong directors. In an... More >>

  • Russe Hour

    published March 8, 2001

    Director John Herzfeld's last feature, the droll and underrated 1996 2 Days in the Valley, was a more than adequate counterbalance to the... More >>

  • Cold Cuts

    published February 8, 2001

    Ridley Scott's Hannibal, with a screenplay by David Mamet and Steven Zaillian, is being released exactly 10 years after The Silence of... More >>

  • Sweet Seoul Music

    published February 1, 2001

    Im Kwon Taek has long been the best-known Korean director in America; in fact, it would be fair to say that he's pretty much the only even... More >>

  • White Knuckler

    published January 11, 2001

    Thirteen Days is a suspenseful look at the American government in the grip of a crucial, minute-to-minute, real-life crisis that threatens... More >>

  • Ang Has Sprung

    published January 11, 2001

    For slightly more than a decade, Chinese martial arts films have -- directly and indirectly -- gained a growing audience in the U.S. Now the genre... More >>

  • Good Will Hunting 2: The Revenge

    published January 4, 2001

    Finding Forrester is the latest film from Gus Van Sant, one of the true American originals to emerge in the '80s and '90s. When Van Sant is... More >>

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