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  • 16 years ago | Music News

    The members of D.C.-based Moodroom could host a Career Fair at the local high school -- in another life they were (and in some cases, still are) Coast Guard officers, graphic designers, social workers, film and television composers, and wanna-be p...

  • 17 years ago | Music News

    Though the media's annoying eggshell-walking has started to subside, most of the toothy hosts of these so-called "entertainment shows" are still being careful to watch their P.C. p's and q's. (Of course, they were already attempting to put on a ki...

  • 18 years ago | Music News

    When the BellRays' Let It Blast blares over the speakers in a local hole-in-the-wall record store, the eyes of bored hipsters in the aisles suddenly come aglow. A few whisper urgently to the nearest clerk, "What is that?" The music is unnerving, u...

  • 18 years ago | Music News

    A few years ago, Providence, Rhode Island's Amazing Royal Crowns were poised to be the next trash-'n'-twang darlings. But their greasy pompadours, upright bass and '50s record collection were just a front. They defiled swing's squeaky clean image ...

  • 18 years ago | Music News

    "Alternative music with a vision launches the musical trends of tomorrow" -- what a noble philosophy! Once upon a time, many of us actually believed it, at least until the corporate world came in and bastardized the idea of an underground. But the...


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