• @beckybartkowski
    8 February, 2016

    So, hey, did you know that you're, like, in no way qualified to police Cam Newton's emotions -- or anyone's for that matter? Fun fact!

  • @beckybartkowski
    7 February, 2016

    Alternately catcalled and viciously booed the MVPs. #SB50

  • @beckybartkowski
    7 February, 2016

    Dayum Lynn Swann. #SB50

  • @beckybartkowski
    3 February, 2016

    .@HelloSmashley gets all the praise hands for this one https://t.co/E84UEm3pzI

  • @beckybartkowski
    2 February, 2016

    Now where will I be able to bump into @simondoonan? https://t.co/EsCjfr34IW


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