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  • Fear and Fun in Phoenix

    published October 18, 2007

    With Halloween just around the corner, time is running out for urbanites of the PHX to conjure up a killer costume for the annual celebration of... More >>

  • Tis Brillig

    published October 18, 2007

    Beware the Jabberwock, my son, not to mention the Jubjub bird, the sneaky Snark, or any of the other boojumed bizarrities that will surely journey... More >>

  • MODE Thursdays

    published October 11, 2007

    For most of the past decade, the record-rocking diva known as Sonique des Fleurs has been a mainstay of the Valley's EDM scene. Since debuting in... More >>

  • HoodRide's Tree Jay House

    published October 4, 2007

    The DJs who spin at the HoodRide Bodega stand above the rest of the turntablists in the P-town scene, literally. That's because the funky downtown... More >>

  • 15 Minutes of Shame

    published September 27, 2007

    The delicious irony of Dirty Scottsdale is that the notorious Web site not only trashes the debaucherous denizens of the city’s nightlife... More >>

  • Party Monster: Brian Durkee

    published September 27, 2007

    Brian Durkee is one of Phoenix's premier party promoters, a swaggering sultan of style who hosts swanky club nights at some of the East... More >>

  • Soul Man: Larry White

    published September 27, 2007

    Larry White has one of the best autograph collections in the Valley and it covers the walls of his landmark restaurant, Lo-Lo's Chicken &... More >>

  • Ball Boy: Eric Byrnes

    published September 27, 2007

    Eric Byrnes, 31, ain't gonna have to worry about being poor anytime soon. The lively and spirited left fielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks... More >>

  • Last Chance Thursday

    published September 27, 2007

    It doesn't get any more old school than C.L. McSpadden. In fact, the 36-year-old DJ extraordinaire has been working the wheels of steel since the... More >>

  • Big on Japan

    published September 27, 2007

    It's a Saturday afternoon, and the Atomic Comics location in north Phoenix is a hubbub of rampant geek activity. Dozens of nerds of varying ages... More >>

  • Solid Saturdays

    published September 20, 2007

    The times are a-changing over at Homme, 138 West Camelback Road. Gone are such old and busted dance nights as StraightNoChaser's "one" and Club... More >>

  • Cartridge Family

    published September 20, 2007

    Blues Traveler frontman John Popper made headlines last March when the 40-year-old vocalist and harmonica player demonstrated that mouth harps... More >>

  • London West Records & Friends

    published September 13, 2007

    Friendship has some effin' sweet benefits when you're pals with London West Records owner Matty Spangler. The 28-year-old DJ frequently books his... More >>

  • CSI: Scottsdale

    published September 6, 2007

    For the longest time, we've been hoping the producers behind TV's CSI franchise are eventually gonna create a spin-off of the long-running... More >>

  • Jumping Jack Frost

    published August 30, 2007

    P-Town has played host to a number of giants in the drum 'n' bass genre over the past six months, including Goldie, Dieselboy, and Dara, to name a... More >>

  • Joking Off

    published August 30, 2007

    Guitarist Sean Bonnette is playing his acoustic ax like a troubadour on crank. The 21-year-old scruffy-haired musician is a supernova of... More >>

  • Wet Pool Party Vol. 3

    published August 23, 2007

    Seriously swanky pool parties have been the "in" thing this summer, with tons of hotties and himbos hanging out at superchic swimming holes like... More >>

  • Ravers of the Caribbean

    published August 16, 2007

    Bust out the guyliner and yer Jack Sparrow duds, landlubbers, because the raving lunatics of Karma Productions and Nightowl Entertainment are, err... More >>

  • Kick Out the Jammies

    published August 9, 2007

    We've unequivocally determined that a higher power does exist. Be it Yahweh, Buddha, Mohammed, Santa Claus, or even the Flying Spaghetti... More >>

  • Happy Effin' Birthday

    published August 9, 2007

    If ever there was a dood who personifies the libertine lifestyle laid out in the Shop Boyz jam "Party Like a Rock Star," it's local DJ/impresario... More >>

  • Club Hell's Medical Fun 2.0

    published August 9, 2007

    Wanna play doctor? The ghoulie girls and beastly boys of Club Hell definitely do, which is why they're gonna transform the Ruby Room, 717 South... More >>

  • The Dong Show

    published August 2, 2007

    Good taste ain’t welcome at Giligin’s. Neither is decorum, nor political correctness, for that matter. For proof, look no further than... More >>

  • Hula Hoopla

    published August 2, 2007

    If we had our druthers (as well as a six-figure bank account), we’d be hanging in the Hawaiian Islands right about now, feasting on... More >>

  • South Side Sessions

    published August 2, 2007

    With its ramshackle buildings, barren lots, and dodgy reputation, south Phoenix ain't exactly the kinda place we'd normally suggest you hang... More >>

  • Subliminal Sundaze

    published July 26, 2007

    Celeb sensations David Beckham and Posh Spice aren't the only doses of coolness that England's been hurling across the pond lately. Witness the... More >>

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