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  • Dental Damned

    published November 15, 2001

    It takes a nimble mind to mix light and dark, to wed humor with treachery, and in Novocaine newcomer David Atkins is not always up to the... More >>

  • Austen City Limits

    published November 8, 2001

    The heroine of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's bold and bracing new comedy, Amélie, is Amélie Poulain, a doe-eyed crusader with the face... More >>

  • Through a Lens Darkly

    published November 1, 2001

    Joel and Ethan Coen's periodic genuflections to classic Hollywood are inevitably accompanied by a knowing wink from one brother and a wry smile... More >>

  • Death Wish

    published November 1, 2001

    . More >>

  • A Glitch in Time

    published October 25, 2001

    The beautiful little conceit at the heart of Brad Anderson's Happy Accidents is that audiences will sit still once more for the crackpot... More >>

  • Teenage Wasteland

    published September 27, 2001

    Combine teenage angst with suburban emptiness and you've got a movie formula with an appreciable advantage over some other current movie formulas... More >>

  • The Umpire Strikes Back

    published September 13, 2001

    Faced with yet another sports movie in which lovably troubled kids triumph over adversity, it's easier to scoff and grumble than to feel even... More >>

  • Noir Humor

    published August 23, 2001

    Woody Allen's latest romp through Old New York combines (among other things) a skirt-chasing insurance investigator with the charm of a rodent, a... More >>

  • Idol Dreaming

    published July 26, 2001

    If there's any justice in moviedom, this summer's feel-good hit will be an unassuming Dutch comedy called Everybody's Famous!... More >>

  • Gangster Crap

    published July 26, 2001

    When last we spotted indie icons Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau onscreen together, they were knocking back fruit-flavored martinis and chasing L.A.... More >>

  • Ullmann Joy

    published May 24, 2001

    The somber figure of Ingmar Bergman no longer looms over the film world like a guilty conscience, but the great Swedish director has spawned... More >>

  • Maiden Voyage

    published May 10, 2001

    With the canon of Jane Austen all but exhausted, literary filmmakers continue their assault on Edith Wharton, another sharply observant writer of... More >>

  • French Twists

    published May 3, 2001

    Just when we culturally deprived, mystery-starved Americans were convinced that that most delicious of movie genres, the French thriller, was dead... More >>

  • Drip Shtick

    published March 22, 2001

    Van Gogh was a lunatic who cut off his ear. Picasso was a self-absorbed cur who abused women. Warhol turned out to be a weird, desperate loner,... More >>

  • International House of Pancake

    published March 1, 2001

    Have you heard? Beauty's only skin deep. Pay attention now: When it comes to love, experience is the best teacher. And just in case you didn't... More >>

  • House of Stiles

    published January 11, 2001

    Skeptics will not take easily to the optimism in Thomas Carter's teen love story Save the Last Dance, and outright cynics may find the... More >>

  • Sibling Chivalry

    published January 4, 2001

    The moods of Kenneth Lonergan's You Can Count on Me are so artfully mingled that it's difficult to get a fix on this highly personal... More >>

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