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  • 26 years ago | Visual Arts

    In her 1944 oil painting "Arizona," Dorothea Tanning stands at the edge of a cliff. She's surrounded by the spires, buttes and mesas of the red rock country around Sedona. Only here, the rocks are blue and green in the eerie, ambiguous light of ea...

  • 26 years ago | News

    When my friend at the Phoenix Art Museum told me I could make an extra $50 posing as a museumgoer for a documentary on the museum's newly mounted Yoruban art exhibit, I didn't believe her. "Seriously," I asked, "50 bucks to pretend I'm going throu...

  • 26 years ago | Visual Arts

    In Valley art circles, "Lisa Sette, Lisa Sette, Lisa Sette" is a mantra intoned by young artists anxious for a chance at the nirvana of showing at her gallery. Unlike her high-profile Scottsdale neighbors, where art means Southwestern glitz and gl...

  • 26 years ago | Visual Arts

    Melvin Killeen is an artist, but Melvin Killeen looks like my dad. Out on the town, Killeen is apt to wear brown polyester trousers with a telltale hint of a flare below the knee and a patterned cream Qiana shirt, open at the neck, exposing a tria...

  • 27 years ago | Visual Arts

    Square One, at the corner of Washington and Central in downtown Phoenix, is a block of vacant storefronts, boarded up and painted with murals. Although beginning to show their age, the murals are bright; they're optimistic. When you're right up ag...

  • 27 years ago | News

    He was standing by the stack of Kellogg's Corn Flakes boxes, staring ahead, eyes glazed, face pock-marked and wan, mouth slightly open. Later he was around the corner, with his shock of white hair and a Macy's shopping bag. And then he was in anot...


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