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  • 18 years ago | News

    In the 1980s, Phoenix motorists had plenty of choices when it was time to fill up the tank. ARCO, Union 76, Mobil and the other giants were around, but so were such discounters as Circle K, U-Totem and Pasco. In 1981, the six biggest oil companies...

  • 18 years ago | News

    Getting into the gas business used to be a simple proposition. A prospective dealer would hook up with a brand, go to training school, buy out another dealer or maybe even be given a vacant station by the company, and start pumping. Most were less...

  • 18 years ago | Longform

    Coming off the graveyard shift at his Mobil station in Scottsdale, Tom Van Boven looks the way he feels. Van Boven would prefer not to work 16 hours a day, but he had to lay off half his help last Christmas to make ends meet. Business is still slo...


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