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  • 27 years ago | News

    College is in session once again, and once again I'm moved to offer some advice on the topic. Your college years, of course, are extremely important. Some say your course for life is set at the university level. Never again will you have such oppo...

  • 28 years ago | News

    Everywhere I go recently, people ask: "Cap'n Dave, what's the deal with the election this year?" They are referring to the fact that this upcoming vote is a mind bender. In addition to the usual nagging responsibility of doofus-selection for all t...

  • 28 years ago | News

    Editor's Note: Publicity about the Biosphere II project--that plan to seal eight human beings in a greenhouse near Tucson for two years starting in December--is starting to crank up. Well, since the summer of 1989, New Times Science Editor Cap'n D...

  • 28 years ago | News

    Cap'n Dave, No one gives a damn about wineburgers. Get the picture? This one, like all of your series so far, is a big flop. Please stick to the one-shot method--that's what you're good at. Now stop sniveling or get a real job. Snades Phoenix P.S....

  • 28 years ago | News

    Like most people, my only regular exposure to Sun City-ites is what I hear them say on talk radio. "Okay, next we go to Raymond in Sun City," the host says. "Ray, thank you for calling." What usually follows is five minutes of bitter invective aim...

  • 29 years ago | News

    Dave, A review suggestion: Newman's Deli in the Liquor Barn at 36th Street and Indian School. They have a screamin' deal from like 11 to 2--for $1.95 you get a good deli sandwich on your choice of bread or roll, a little side salad and a deli pick...


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