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  • The Sword @ Club Red

    published December 13, 2012

    Austin metal quartet The Sword is keeping it simple. In 2010, the band had its greatest commercial success to date with the dazzling Warp... More >>

  • Before He Was Neil Hamburger, Gregg Turkington Was Part of the '80s AZ Punk Scene

    published December 6, 2012

    Comedian Gregg Turkington was watching when Arizona's equivalent to Walter Cronkite said President Reagan's fake son was being brainwashed into... More >>

  • Dethklok @ Marquee Theatre

    published November 22, 2012

    It's one thing to make a cartoon that affectionately sends up the theatrics of death metal. It's another thing entirely for Brendon Small,... More >>

  • Nick Warren @ Bar Smith

    published November 1, 2012

    The rising EDM boom in America is one vulnerable to trends: even has-been nü-metal troglodytes Korn have added bass drops to their... More >>

  • Busdriver @ Rhythm Room

    published October 18, 2012

    L.A. avantcore rap doofus Busdriver has been tripping lyrical booby traps for over 10 years. In that time, Bus has gone from tongue-stepping on... More >>

  • Kendrick Lamar @ Celebrity Theatre

    published October 11, 2012

    It's not a simple binary, but someone like Kendrick Lamar — lyrically skilled yet decidedly un-preachy, quick-tongued but hook-driven... More >>

  • Grimes @ Crescent Ballroom

    published October 4, 2012

    Earlier this year, soulful goth songstress Zola Jesus confessed to New Times that she has a secret dream of transcending modest indie... More >>

  • The Weeknd @ Celebrity Theatre

    published October 4, 2012

    Last year, two mixtapes dropped that shifted R&B on its axis: Frank Ocean's Nostalgia, Ultra and The Weeknd's House of Balloons.... More >>

  • Natural Child @ Yucca Tap Room

    published September 6, 2012

    The good-for-nothing good ol' boys of Natural Child must be stopped. This is a band that titled an earlier record 1971, a year these... More >>

  • Chase Kamp

    Songwriter Michelle Blades Walks a Tightrope

    published August 23, 2012

    There is a fine distinction between trusting one's intuition and merely surrendering to impulse. Twenty-two-year-old songwriter Michelle Blades... More >>

  • King Tuff @ Meat Market Garment Factory

    published August 16, 2012

    It's a very good time to be a hapless fuzz-rock magnate: Youthful disaffection is at an all-time high as unemployment and student-loan debt... More >>

  • Aesop Rock @ Marquee Theatre

    published August 9, 2012

    Aesop Rock is the most prominent of mega-verbose thesaurus MCs, but the veteran rapper has something the others don't. Busdriver's pranks are... More >>

  • Agalloch @ Rhythm Room

    published August 2, 2012

    Portland folk-metal conjurers Agalloch are among the best of a growing sect of earthy, naturalistic metal bands. The band's 2010 full-length... More >>

  • Big K.R.I.T.'s Blowing Up, But the Rapper's Got Underdog Appeal

    published August 2, 2012

    Everyone loves an underdog, but even more, they love to be the underdog, even if the evidence suggests otherwise. The Tea Party paints... More >>

  • The Henry Clay People @ Crescent Ballroom

    published July 19, 2012

    This year, bands like Japandroids and JEFF the Brotherhood have offered varied flavors of back-to-basics rock, all of them commendable in their... More >>

  • Summerland Tour Courts the Nostalgia Market

    published June 28, 2012

    Time marches on. And tours like Summerland — featuring '90s pop heroes Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, Gin Blossoms, and Marcy Playground... More >>

  • Southern Lord Tour @ Chasers

    published June 21, 2012

    In the realm of alternative rock, metal mostly had been regarded as a distant fascination, a weird, drunk cousin from a red state. Nineties... More >>

  • El-P on His Cancer 4 Cure and American Dystopia

    published June 21, 2012

    "I'm not particularly that brilliant," El-P says, laughing. "It takes me longer to do something worthy of putting out." The... More >>

  • Ceremony @ Rhythm Room

    published May 24, 2012

    For better or worse, the sacred cows of punk are being gutted — for example, the now-antiquated concept of "selling out" has nearly... More >>

  • JEFF the Brotherhood @ Rhythm Room

    published May 17, 2012

    Oh, sure, there are a lot of bluesy rock duos out there. There's everything from the well-known opposing-colored Keys and Stripes to... More >>

  • Mark Sultan @ Trunk Space

    published May 3, 2012

    Looking back, it's safe to say that the hyperbolic fervor surrounding the early 2000s' "rock revival" was embarrassingly misplaced. Jack White... More >>

  • Hunx and His Punx Don't Have Time for Squares

    published April 19, 2012

    Ever since its genesis with Chuck Berry and Elvis, the rock formula has consisted of three parts fun and one part danger. Proto-punkers like... More >>

  • Skeletonwitch @ Nile Theater

    published April 5, 2012

    You'd never know it if you took their black T-shirts, black hair and, well, black outlook at face value, but metalheads have no problem... More >>

  • Shai Hulud

    published March 1, 2012

    Can't an emotionally complex, religiously ambiguous metal band get a break? Even though the members of introspective prog-metal titans Shai... More >>

  • At 20, Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings Is Already a Hit

    published February 23, 2012

    Despite the quick rise of his punk outfit Cloud Nothings through the blogosphere and the warm critical reception of the band's latest record,... More >>

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