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  • Seconds to Breathe

    published March 9, 2006

    Seconds to Breathe is ready for radio. This modern rock quintet has been refining its sound during the past year, culminating with a brand-new... More >>

  • A Life Once Lost

    published March 9, 2006

    A Life Once Lost makes it look easy. The Philadelphia band effortlessly creates contorted melodies, taps out tumultuous beats, and skips from one... More >>

  • Greenhaven

    published February 16, 2006

    Within 30 seconds of popping in Greenhaven's new disc The Last Powerful Second, listeners will be ready to slam shots at a bar with several... More >>

  • Ed Gein

    published February 9, 2006

    Doubling up on guitarists is commonplace in the metal realm, but Ed Gein is anything but ordinary. Maybe that's why instead of having a guitar... More >>

  • Some Girls

    published January 19, 2006

    Some Girls don't do eyeliner. They aren't sweet. They don't take things lightly. Oh yeah, and they're dudes. The brutality on the five-piece's... More >>

  • Soilent Green

    published January 12, 2006

    Soilent Green is angry, frustrated and a bit bitter, judging by its latest album, Confrontation. But this isn't generic "aggressive" music;... More >>

  • Monster Mass

    published January 5, 2006

    Finding parking in Tempe is hard, driving down Mill Avenue is frustrating, and we’re pretty sure that Arizona State University is building... More >>

Archives: 2006 | 2005 | 2004