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  • House Call

    published August 14, 2003

    Club Next, a danceteria-style lounge in Old Town Scottsdale that embodies some of the stereotypes you might expect, doesn't seem like an ideal... More >>

  • Super Furry Animals

    published August 14, 2003

    Perhaps this is the saddest commentary about the apathy of American popular musicians, or about the stranglehold corporate entities have on radio... More >>

  • In Darkness, In Light

    published August 7, 2003

    Funerals can suck. But for singer and songwriter Matt Ward, the memorial service for John Fahey was a formative artistic experience. "It... More >>

  • Subpoena Me!

    published August 7, 2003

    Target me now. I'm a thief. I blatantly disregard laws for my own fulfillment. The fuzz needs to come to my central Phoenix house, confiscate my... More >>

  • The Putumayo World Music Festival

    published August 7, 2003

    We don't normally pay much attention in these pages to happenings in Sedona, our lovely day trip to the north. The Sedona Cultural Park, though,... More >>

  • Smoke Rings

    published July 31, 2003

    My people smoke cigarettes, but they're the brand of people I want to be around. More often than not, they're not at all self-serious. They're... More >>

  • Wild Pitch

    published July 24, 2003

    The local punk crowd erupted out of left field last week. Literally. The Vans Warped Tour, which since the late 1990s has become the U.S.'s... More >>

  • Drive-By Truckers

    published July 24, 2003

    That the Drive-By Truckers would be compared so widely to Lynyrd Skynyrd now is obvious. The band, fronted by Alabama expatriates Patterson Hood... More >>

  • Robert Lockwood Jr.

    published July 24, 2003

    Robert Lockwood Jr. is a remarkable American story. Nurtured and taught by seminal bluesman Robert Johnson, who lived with Lockwood's mother in... More >>

  • Rock of Ages

    published July 17, 2003

    Phish launched the second set of its summer tour opener at the Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix July 7 with the agile rocker "Birds of a Feather." The... More >>

  • Hard-core Leisure

    published July 10, 2003

    Kellen Fortier amuses his Where Eagles Dare bandmates. While the other four members of the Valley punk band lounge at Coffee Plantation in Tempe,... More >>

  • Young Love

    published July 10, 2003

    I was listening to Neil Young's 1983 album Trans before I wrote this column. Arguably one of the strangest albums made by a pop artist of... More >>

  • Various Artists

    published July 10, 2003

    StarTime International, the nascent one-man label, sits in the heart of a lo-fi cultural revolution, namely the parade of swaggering, throwback... More >>

  • Mares on Michelob

    published July 3, 2003

    Willie Nelson turned 70-years-old this past April 30. Seems like Willie's been an old, grizzled cowboy staring down the apocalypse for at least 35... More >>

  • Summer Daze

    published July 3, 2003

    I can't blame the bands that have skipped town or gone into hibernation for the summer. Hell, I have to carry a bottle of water with me just to... More >>

  • Phish

    published July 3, 2003

    Phish begin their first summer tour in three years here in Phoenix, giving the locals an opportunity to witness what may prove to be a positive... More >>

  • School's Out!

    published June 26, 2003

    Adam Panic found there was a better way to scrounge up lunch money than his boring drug store job. He recorded a full-length album at his home... More >>

  • David Banner

    published June 26, 2003

    Mississippi: The Album contains some of the funniest swearing ever committed to tape on a hip-hop record. When David Banner of the duo... More >>

  • They Still Be Trippin'

    published June 19, 2003

    Undeterred by four years of music business grief and languishing sales, incendiary rockers Supersuckers have named their new record... More >>

  • Spying Cool

    published June 19, 2003

    Retro's been a fad for so long now that it, too, seems almost retro. But cool will always be cool, and Marco Polo Saldana, who sings and plays... More >>

  • Metallica

    published June 19, 2003

    In 1988, Metallica made an album called ... And Justice for All, and it was extraordinary, filled with layered lead-guitar harmonies, whipsaw... More >>

  • The Tao of Pooh

    published June 12, 2003

    The atmosphere at O'Mallys on a late spring Tuesday night is pumped. The west Phoenix nightspot, an odd mix of sports bar, swank lounge and dance... More >>

  • Producing Tension

    published June 12, 2003

    "I wasn't planning on doing this. It was just something I did out of necessity, and then it just kind of turned into my life." Larry... More >>

  • Radiohead

    published June 12, 2003

    Radiohead have mastered the prog-rock singer-songwriter album -- finally. Hail to the Thief, the British band's latest, is at once an... More >>

  • Gin Mill

    published June 5, 2003

    Robin Wilson and Scott Johnson walk into Restaurant Mexico in Tempe on a Wednesday afternoon. They look tired. Johnson has just come from his... More >>

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