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Chuck Wilson is a regular film contributor at Voice Media Group and its film partner, the Village Voice. VMG publications include LA Weekly, Denver Westword, Phoenix New Times, Miami New Times, Broward-Palm Beach New Times, Houston Press and Dallas Observer.

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  • 7 days ago | Film and TV

    Near the end of Underworld, the 2003 film that launched the popular (and profitable) horror franchise, Viktor (Bill Nighy), king of the vampires, tries to kill the werewolf (a.k.a. Lycan) lover of his protégé, Selene (Kate Beckinsale), and she is ...

  • "Henry was 18 when we met, and I was Queen of France. He came down from the north to Paris with a mind like Aristotle and a form like mortal sin. We shattered the commandments on the spot."

    So declares Eleanor of Aquitaine (Katharine...

  • In the deeply moving documentary Iron Moon, filmmakers Qin Xiaoyu and Wu Feiyue explore the language and lives of five of China's so-called "worker-poets," including Xu Lizhi, who jumped to his death at age 23 from the factory where they...

  • "Little devil. Heaven help me," declares Adan (Barkhad Abdirahman) as he stares down at the stray dog he can't quite shake. As this small gem of a film opens, the 22-year-old Somali refugee, living in Minneapolis, gets kicked out by his mother,...

  • In this superb coming-of-age drama, the thoughts of high school senior Oscar Madly (Connor Jessup) are never far from Buffy (voiced by Isabella Rossellini), the hamster he's had since his traumatic boyhood. Oscar's mother (Joanne Kelly) walked...

  • In his lovely new film, Argentine director Daniel Burman mixes reality with fiction in inventive ways. In Buenos Aires, there's a Jewish aid foundation run by a legendary figure known only as Usher. Burman sends the fictional Ariel (Alan Sabbagh,...


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