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  • Phoenix to Brooklyn: Meet the New New Yorkers

    published Nov 27, 2013

    Editor's note: Claire Lawton worked at New Times and edited Jackalope Ranch for three years, 'til this summer, when she packed up and moved to Brooklyn. This week's New Times cover story focuses on th... More >>

  • Plane Sight

    published May 9, 2013

    There’s nothing quite like a bird’s eye view. Before humans had the ability to see their own environment from an elevated... More >>

  • Light Switch

    published April 4, 2013

    It’s a rare opportunity to have a peek at a world-renowned art collection. Lucky for us ASU Art Museum curators Julio César... More >>

  • Homeboy

    published April 25, 2013

    Whenever Dave Quan comes back to town, we know he's up to something creative. The artist (who goes by Luster Kaboom) moved to New York last... More >>

  • Space Exploration

    published May 9, 2013

    Like many artists, Wayne Higby is inspired by his surrounding landscape. Higby works in ceramics -- sculptural, tile, and vessel forms -- that... More >>

  • War of the World

    published March 21, 2013

    Before Ahmed Alsoudani took the contemporary art world by storm, he grew up in Iraq, lived in Syria as a refugee, and fled to the United States... More >>

  • Just Desserts

    published April 4, 2013

    We come into this world with a short list of inalienable rights -- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness being a few of them. But what we... More >>

  • Beyond Words

    published February 21, 2013

    N. Scott Momaday is an artist of words and pictures. While he's celebrated for his written work "House Made of Dawn," the Native American... More >>

  • The Naturalist

    published May 2, 2013

    A quick look at the artwork of Mayme Kratz does little to tell the story of her process. The Phoenix artist made a name for herself by building... More >>

  • Garden Party

    published May 9, 2013

    When nature plays the muse of the artist, the results are often stunning. We’ve seen landscapes captured by photographer Ansel Adams and... More >>

  • Escapes: Where to Beat the Valley Heat

    published June 6, 2013

    Nothing beats a cool escape — whether it takes you a few hours from home or halfway around the globe. There are a handful of spots to... More >>


    Five Summer Getaways in (And Beyond) Arizona

    published Jun 03, 2013

    Nothing beats a cool escape -- whether it takes you a few hours from home or halfway around the globe. There are a handful of spots to outrun heat, boredom, or cell phone reception in the Valley -- an... More >>

  • Roadshow

    published May 2, 2013

    Rossitza Todorova describes her work as the "experience of navigating highways and infrastructure." The Tempe-based artist was born in Sofia,... More >>

  • Coloring Pages

    published April 18, 2013

    There's nothing we need more than a dose of bright colors in the summertime, and lucky us, Scottsdale's LewAllen Galleries has just the... More >>

  • Better Together

    published March 14, 2013

    The only thing better than a few of your favorite things is a few of your favorite things in a mash-up. The term has its roots in music, video,... More >>

  • Questionable Content

    published May 16, 2013

    If you beat your friends to the punchline of the day’s pop culture headlines or can recap the latest breaking news before it reaches the... More >>

  • Structured Programming

    published May 16, 2013

    Sculpture and architecture fiends have plenty of eye candy in metro Phoenix, and on Thursday, May 16, they’ll have an opportunity to meet... More >>

  • School's Out

    published May 16, 2013

    If you ever arrive in Cuba with an appetite for some kickass architecture, put the National Art Schools project on your must-see list. If a... More >>

  • Street Art

    published April 18, 2013

    Chris Maker's visual art has an interesting perspective. The Phoenix-based artist was trained as an architect and city planner and uses his... More >>

  • Experimental Metal

    published February 7, 2013

    When Phoenix-based artist Matthew Moore and London-based artist Clare Patey announced they were collaborating on a project, we were all ears.... More >>

  • Tania Katan to Host "The Most Of" Lit Lounge with a Must-See Lineup

    published May 10, 2013

    When Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art announced it was bringing performer, author, and kickass entertainer Tania Katan on board to mix things up a year ago, we knew we were in for something good.... More >>


    Phoenix Art Museum Announces 2013 Contemporary Forum Award Winners

    published May 10, 2013

    On Wednesday night, Phoenix Art Museum's Contemporary Forum awarded eight local artists who've made a mark in the contemporary scene. The annual event recognizes up to seven emerging Arizona artists ... More >>

  • Latin Lovers

    published February 7, 2013

    In 1995, Diane and Bruce Halle began collecting Latin American art, with a fairly flexible budget. Bruce is the founder and chairman of... More >>


    She's Back! Allie Brosh's Webcomic Hyperbole and a Half Returns After a Long Hiatus

    published May 09, 2013

    Ever since Allie Brosh and her webcomic Hyperbole and a Half dropped off the face of the Internet more than a year ago, we've been twiddling our thumbs, attempting to find similar webcomics (her frien... More >>

  • Letterpress Type Caster Sky Shipley Talks Tradition and the Importance of Preserving the Art Form in this Week's <i>New Times</i>

    Letterpress Type Caster Sky Shipley Talks Tradition and the Importance of Preserving the Art Form in this Week's New Times

    published May 09, 2013

    You've probably seen them at flea markets -- metal letters, words, and images that were once set, inked, and rolled against paper in a printing press to create the daily newspaper, novel, or informati... More >>

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