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  • 14 years ago | Music News

    Joel Morales is beginning to piss people off. Actually, person. One guy. Morales, the shaggy, pear-shaped, 28-year-old singer/guitarist of the lo-fi beauty pop quintet dios, is onstage at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. It's earl...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    Chicago-born MC Common (a.k.a. Lonnie Lynn) has been a standard bearer for the Native Tongues' progressive style of hip-hop for years. During that time, he's been celebrated for his intelligent lyrics and his rejection of hip-hop's rampant misogyn...

  • 16 years ago | Music News

    Nothing confusing about "real" -- you either are or you aren't. It's like art or porn or funny -- you know it when you see it, and you know it when you don't. Like millionaire rappers talking about life on the street, for example. There's somethin...

  • 17 years ago | Music News

    The question is pretty straightforward, really. It's the answer that curves away from me. I'm talking to Evidence -- a third of the L.A. hip-hop group Dilated Peoples -- about the state of the movement, the much-vaunted L.A. underground that flour...


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