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  • 23 days ago | Film and TV

    ... This is essentially Denis’ movie about the dating game — the highs and lows, the setbacks and surprises, the wine-filled meals and sublimely silent car rides flush with the possibility of either consummation or heartbreak

  • Few directors can rival Claire Denis in the department of wordless seduction. During a remarkable sequence in Let the Sunshine In, Denis' heroine, Isabelle (Juliette Binoche), upon falling into the arms of the sensitively brooding theater...

  • 3 months ago | Film and TV

    Gemini is a shimmering puzzler that begins with an act of Land Ho!-esque palling around before warping into an unlikely detective story in the Cold Weather vein.

  • Writer-director Aaron Katz still gets pigeonholed as a progenitor of the mumblecore movement, that umbrella term that conjures wobbly framed scenes of directionless 20-somethings' meandering, natural-seeming relationship talk. That reputation...

  • 4 months ago | Film and TV

    The characters talk extensively about what matters to them rather than what matters to the plot, exposing themselves, sharing the worries that keep them up at night.

  • With Golden Exits, Alex Ross Perry's latest, the writer-director of such tightly focused studies as Listen Up Philip (2014) and Queen of Earth (2015) has made a through-and-through ensemble piece, one in which the emotional...


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