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  • 23 years ago | Longform

    It was a sweltering August day in 1966, and two young lawyers were hiking deep within the Grand Canyon. Jon Kyl and Tom Kleinschmidt--both promising associates with the Phoenix firm of Jennings, Strouss & Salmon--had spent the night camping near t...

  • 23 years ago | Longform

    Tara McCabe, a thin and thirtysomething woman with a world-weary grin, thought she had found a slice of paradise three years ago when she moved to Walker, a Bradshaw Mountain hideaway that started out last century as a booming gold camp. In a worl...

  • 23 years ago | News

    It was May 21, and the Valley was in mourning. The Phoenix Suns had just been eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Houston Rockets after a roller-coaster, seven-game series. To many, the loss was especially bitter, because they feared it would ...

  • 23 years ago | Longform

    When the wind blows in Bisbee, some little children run indoors. It's simply too dangerous for them to breathe the air in this old, southeastern Arizona mining town, says Anjelika Johnson, a Bisbee travel agent and the mother of a 12-year-old girl...

  • 24 years ago | News

    Bob Hirschfeld is used to being the hunter, not the prey. The feisty and flamboyant divorce lawyer--whose specialty is winning child-custody rights for fathers, by any means necessary--is usually on the attack, using the courts as a weapon in his ...

  • 24 years ago | Longform

    It's easy to dislike Frank Ellena. He is loud and argumentative, with a boorish and aggressive manner that is instantly alienating. A large, hulking figure, he has a plump, oval face surrounding two eyes that bulge and burn with righteous anger wh...


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