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1989 Stories by Dave Walker

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  • Shopping for a Santa

    published December 20, 1989

    Being a shopping-mall Santa is not an easy job. The words "G.I. Joe!" "Nintendo!" and "Barbie!" make Santa's ears ring. His nose plays... More >>

  • The Son Also Rises

    published December 6, 1989

    Welcome to the Big Daddy Hall of Fame! This guide is designed to help you enjoy your visit to the fullest. As you make your way through our... More >>

  • The Arizona Wall

    published December 6, 1989

    The London Bridge, hauled brick by brick to the Colorado River, put Lake Havasu City on the map. The rest, as any student of history's... More >>

  • Can The Cardinals Be Saved?

    published November 1, 1989

    Let's condemn the Cards. And own the team ourselves. Hell, we could run it as well as Bill Bidwill. And the day... More >>

  • Hey, Jude!

    published October 4, 1989

    Jude LaCava? He's the new sports-talk host on KTAR. He moved here from Ohio. Jonathon Brandmeier? He's the morning-drive jock... More >>

  • We Want Big Blue

    published September 27, 1989

    Among the first things the new city council should do--right away--is decree the blue palo verde as Phoenix's offical tree. And then,... More >>

  • Solar, 10 APS, 0

    published September 27, 1989

    Conventional wisdom says it can't be done. We say it can't not be. The downtown baseball stadium, once it's approved by voters next week, should... More >>

  • And This Little Piggy Got Pickled

    published September 20, 1989

    This should not be the golden age of weird pickled impulse food. The Cult of Nutrition approves of neither the produ~ction nor... More >>

  • Wild Thing 101

    published September 6, 1989

    The white-haired old man the kids call O.M. stands next to a slide projector, flipping through the day's lesson. From clothes-dropping... More >>

  • The Ads That Never Were

    published June 21, 1989

    It is an old saw among the creators of advertising that the best ads often don't run. An agency will bust tail to come up with something... More >>

  • Trees And Bulldozers In Sedona

    published June 14, 1989

    In the New Age capital of Sedona, the great outdoors is a precious commodity. Red cliffs and lush greenery make the land one of the... More >>

  • Creating a Public Spectacle

    published May 24, 1989

    As long as our bad air holds out, the laser display planned for Patriots Square likely will be a great success. The park has been touted... More >>

  • You've Come A Long Way, Baby

    published May 10, 1989

    Sandi Smith had everything a career woman could want, including, at least until very recently, a penis. Born as a male, Sandi hasn't been in... More >>

  • Grind and Bare It

    published March 15, 1989

    n 1962, Jack and Leah Eurich came out from Michigan looking for a saloon of their own. They found a little place they liked, a piano bar in... More >>

  • Creatures from the Encanto Lagoon

    published March 15, 1989

    File it under trickle-down benefit: Among the many aftereffects of the Encanto Park renovation is a cleaner lagoon. Observers say the... More >>

  • Ticker Toy for Fans

    published March 8, 1989

    For all the Normal Guys of the world who are forced by the circumstance of their employment to have a paging device clipped to their... More >>

  • Street Smart

    published February 22, 1989

    Wearing his trademark pith helmet (with chin strap) and an oversize pair of sunglasses, Ulysses Horatio Penelopi Poindexter C. Mortimer... More >>

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