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  • Pack Again

    published December 9, 1999

    They never used the name. Sinatra really hated it. Ever modest, he preferred "The Summit," but somehow that never stuck. Back in the early '60s,... More >>

  • Kings of the Road

    published November 25, 1999

    Talk about a long, strange trip. It's now been better than 40 years that The Kingston Trio has been on the road. With guitars and banjos in... More >>

  • In Harmony's Way

    published November 4, 1999

    Way out west where the avenues are numbered in the triple digits, there sits ASU's Sundome Center for the Performing Arts. Through the years, this... More >>

  • Glass Ears

    published October 28, 1999

    Ira Glass has a story to tell you. Actually, he has lifetimes' worth of stories to tell you. And there are a lot of people who enjoy... More >>

  • Still Ridin' That Twain

    published October 14, 1999

    Hal Holbrook has enjoyed the career that all actors dream of having. Since the 1940s, he has worked continuously onstage, in movies and on... More >>

  • Major Drums

    published October 14, 1999

    Over the course of the coming months, ASU Public Events, in its 1999-2000 season, is presenting the A3 program, as in Asia, Arizona, and the Arts.... More >>

  • Kamehamayhem!

    published September 23, 1999

    Deep within the halls of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., is a grand room known as the Statuary Hall. All 50 states have contributed... More >>

  • Stan Freberg

    published September 16, 1999

    Stan Freberg Tip of the Freberg: The Stan Freberg Collection 1951-1998 (Rhino) Once upon a time, radio and... More >>

  • Stewart Saves His Century

    published July 22, 1999

    All this millennium talk of recent days is nothing new to Al Stewart. His 1989 song "Last Days of the Century" pointed to the event better than 10... More >>

  • Beak Experience

    published April 29, 1999

    Amazing. For six years (an eternity in TV time), there was a hilarious, loud, wild, entertaining and educational show on TV every Saturday... More >>

  • Titan of Trash

    published April 29, 1999

    As a puppeteer, political satirist, performance artist and even as host to a long-running Saturday morning kid's science show, Paul Zaloom puts... More >>

  • Fooling the Play

    published March 18, 1999

    Putting together a new theater company with a performance space to call your own in the Phoenix area is an exercise in frustration. No one is in a... More >>

  • Shermania

    published March 4, 1999

    Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh, Here I am at Camp Granada. Camp is very entertaining, And they say we'll have some fun if... More >>

  • Art for Art's Sake

    published February 11, 1999

    That corner of Civic Center Plaza next to the Scottsdale Center for the Arts has been under construction forever. But now, where once there stood... More >>

  • Anonymously Yours

    published February 4, 1999

    It was 1986 when four women joined forces in New York to perform a cappella music of the medieval era. Naming themselves after an unsigned... More >>

  • Go West, Bardner

    published January 7, 1999

    Wes Martin is a guy who does not subscribe to the commonly held belief that culture in the Valley stops at the Black Canyon freeway. As a 10-year... More >>

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