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  • Methology - Part III

    published December 18, 1997

    A Convict's Warning What I do find appalling is that there are a lot of people in here simply for having big mouths and a lack of common... More >>

  • Methology - Part I

    published December 18, 1997

    "Better Than Hawaii" It's 3:43 in the morning and Cyndi and Shana are coloring. They're dressed for comfort in sweat pants and tee... More >>

  • Methology - Part II

    published December 18, 1997

    Meth Roots Methamphetamine is an all-American drug. It should come as no surprise that many embrace a high that can make running errands... More >>

  • Ocean Size

    published December 11, 1997

    Jane's Addiction, and Goldie Mesa Amphitheatre December 4, 1997 Most of the time, Perry Farrell talks like he's a hippie, or at... More >>

  • Pete and Eddie

    published November 27, 1997

    "Chupa" means "suck" in Spanish, and the motto on the fliers for Phoenix's defunct but legendary underground dance spot of the same name used to... More >>

  • R.C. Lair: House Keeper

    published October 30, 1997

    Time to get ill? Nah--time to get sik, on location in the Sik Bay, creative den of R.C. Lair, underground DJ and premier graphic artist for the... More >>

  • Angle Heart

    published October 16, 1997

    Inside the foyer of Greg Crane's north Scottsdale office suite, there's a niche in the wall facing the front door. It holds a small, fake plant... More >>

  • The Turntablist

    published September 11, 1997

    As a hip-hop DJ, Z-Trip was born with two strikes against him. He's white and from Arizona. The only things that saved him were his skills, which... More >>

  • Burn the Man!

    published September 11, 1997

    A quarter mile northeast from the Church of the Orbital Orgy, a family--mom, dad, big brother, sis--sat on a couch, watching television. "They're... More >>

  • In the Belly of the Beast

    published September 4, 1997

    Six East Lounge. "The Beast." People in Tempe have called it that since the late '70s, when it was still a biker bar. Today, it's easy to see--and... More >>

  • The Devil and Todd McFarlane

    published July 31, 1997

    Here's a vision of hell, as drawn by Todd McFarlane in the 10th issue of Spawn, the best-selling comic book in the country: A row of... More >>

  • Ket Nip

    published July 3, 1997

    The warning on the vial is clear. "CAUTION: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian." Sammy, 24,... More >>

  • What's the Flavor?

    published June 26, 1997

    Club-promoting is guerrilla capitalism at its sick best. Just peep the ongoing alley fight between promoters of two new hip-hop nights in... More >>

  • The Big E

    published June 19, 1997

    Emile Ananian is a gifted DJ, and he'll be the first to tell you so. Last February at an underground party called Icee, I walked into a... More >>

  • Hacker, Cracker, Watchman, Spy

    published June 12, 1997

    Like a lot of thieves, Gambit only works at night. It's half past 10 in Phoenix when he boots up his laptop. Darth Vader's voice intones "What is... More >>

  • Night Songs

    published June 5, 1997

    Dark industrial chicks aren't sexy. Dark industrial chicks are erotic. Pierced tongues, ash mascara, dead-rose bouquets hanging like crucifixes... More >>

  • It's Only Agro to Me

    published May 22, 1997

    My favorite memory from Lollapalooza '96 is watching the Ramones blast through "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" as a wicked dust storm suddenly rose on... More >>

  • Bono Fide

    published May 15, 1997

    Once I escaped the teeming mass of Melrose Place fans in the low bleacher seats and climbed high enough to feel the breeze on my nipples, I got... More >>

  • Where's the Cream?

    published May 8, 1997

    Not just an artist, mind you, but "The Artist." That's what the 9,000 tickets said. You have to admit, no matter how deep you're into his (His?)... More >>

  • Qwestioned Ballots

    published May 1, 1997

    Grrls and boyz, we have a winner. Well, 13 winners. One each for the 12 genre-specific categories in the second annual New Times Music Awards... More >>

  • Eye of the Orb

    published April 24, 1997

    Several London dance clubs can lay claim to the title "England [and therefore the world]'s First Underground House Music Club." But only one--a... More >>

  • Locals Only

    published April 24, 1997

    The second annual New Times Music Awards Showcase is history. And--let's see, how can I put this delicately?--it kicked total ass. Just more than... More >>

  • Strange Brew

    published April 17, 1997

    Bzzzt. Pop. Check. Check. So how's everybody doing out there? I said . . . how's everybody doing out there!? All right! Are you ready for the... More >>

  • Z-Trippin'

    published April 10, 1997

    Fair's fair. A few pages ago, I dissed Rolling Stone for breaking out the Jimi Hendrix comparisons in a recent review of the new Chemical Brothers... More >>

  • Mind-Bending Chemicals

    published April 10, 1997

    The Chemical Brothers Dig Your Own Hole (Astralwerks) Attention, white boys: You can now, for the first time, bump Schooly D... More >>

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