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  • 3 years ago | Indie Rock

    It's tempting to refer to 2014's Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave, the Twilight Sad's fourth LP, as their return-to-guitar-rock record. Their last full-length effort, 2012's underrated No One Can Ever Know, was saddled with a simi...

  • 3 years ago | Funny

    Rapper Wiz Khalifa is a mere three years my junior. What this means, perhaps of more importance than any other similarity, is that he and I shared a significant adolescent infatuation with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. None of us were immune. ...

  • 3 years ago | Comedy

    Chances are you've found yourself, at one point or another, on the periphery of Jimmy Buffett culture. See Also: Hey, Phoenix -- You Need To Start Dancing At Concerts Perhaps you have a regrettable and somewhat unsettling aunt who prides herself o...

  • 4 years ago | Hip-Hop

    Like fiction, the best hip hop -- albums that persist beyond the noise of their release, lyricists whose lines take residence in your consciousness long after the record has stopped spinning -- transports you from whatever mundane existence you in...

  • 4 years ago | Music News

    There's something in Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry's voice — the way it floats just above the bass and synthesizers, its so-slight-you'll-almost-miss-it Scottish lilt — that makes it always a little disarming when she drops an F-...

  • 4 years ago | Viva PHX

    It's not an easy feat to strike a balance between seriousness and goofiness as successfully as Boston rock band Krill does. You title a song "Turd" or sell your second album as a USB drive stuck into a ball of mozzarella, and you're inviting some ...


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