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  • 10 years ago | Music News

    Glenn Danzig is the Devil's curator for the Blackest of the Black Tour, a metal mini-festival he's been presenting and headlining intermittently since 2003. The punk alumnus has reached highs beyond most of his peers, but, 31 years into his musica...

  • 10 years ago | Local Wire

    Guitarist Scott Stearns is an astronaut of musical violence. He explores dark, ugly places that reek of sulfur, rotgut, and boiling sweat. His Necrodamus project is a reshuffling of a recent Fistula lineup. But where that band lurks in a sludgy pu...

  • 11 years ago | Music News

    After a four-year absence, Marilyn Manson has returned to the public eye in the video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses," porking his barely legal girlfriend in a rain of blood. That kind of flashy, trashy imagery may prevent Manson from ever being taken ...

  • 11 years ago | Music News

    Forget the mainstream-underground battle. In hip-hop, success at either end of the spectrum often depends on stereotype and formula. Either rappers get all blingy, or they waste all their time dissing the bling. Sage Francis is the exception. Oper...

  • 11 years ago | Local Wire

    Matt and Kim are just totally fun. Totally. Like a power-pop take on They Might Be Giants, with a (simulated) accordion and everything. They're even from Brooklyn, where they've developed a loyal following at loft parties, basements, art galleries...

  • 11 years ago | Local Wire

    Tori Amos is the blue-chip stock of the female singer-songwriter boom of the '90s: Investing in her art has only become more expensive (read: demanding) over the years. With hooks disappearing, her albums have grown longer, while her lyrics have t...


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