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1999 Stories by Edward Lebow

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  • Faces of Milpas

    published December 30, 1999

    Editor's note: In October, New Times published the first in a series of stories about gang problems in the neighborhood known as Las Cuatro... More >>

  • Jackson Action

    published December 9, 1999

    Forty years ago, a sculptor could stop almost any American museum crowd in its tracks by erecting an abstract tower of metal. But as times have... More >>

  • Designing Men

    published December 2, 1999

    Warren McArthur knows something about the tenacity of fiction. For the past quarter century, he has been trying to undo the popular one that... More >>

  • Sunnyslope Sunset

    published November 18, 1999

    Paul Bellanger, who died October 30 at age 68 after a long illness, probably wouldn't have liked his memorial service. He hated people fussing... More >>

  • Gimme Shelter

    published November 18, 1999

    Phoenix wouldn't be Phoenix without its illusions about water. All its boats and pools and golf greens, all its fountains, irrigated farm fields... More >>

  • Policy Wanks

    published November 11, 1999

    Just mentioning last year's Arizona Juvenile Justice Evaluation Final Report, the latest and maybe the heftiest in a decadelong flurry of... More >>

  • The Eyes Have It

    published October 28, 1999

    It hasn't always been easy to pare Claude Monet's artistic achievements from his popularity. In the later half of his life (1840 to 1926), his... More >>

  • Murphy's Law

    published October 7, 1999

    The killings are what stick in the minds of teachers and administrators. "I always listen when I hear of shootings on the news," says Virginia... More >>

  • Net Loss

    published September 16, 1999

    Robert is in his mid-teens and has been involved in gangs since he was 10. That kind of admission has become almost a cliché in the... More >>

  • Squeeze Play

    published September 16, 1999

    Gene Rushing, a soft-spoken, 27-year veteran of the Phoenix Fire Department, is accustomed to emergencies and sudden changes in stride. But he was... More >>

  • With Pine in Hand

    published July 15, 1999

    Although the Writer's Voice is a great option for aspiring writers who are Valley-bound, if writing's your thing and getting out of town your... More >>

  • Installment Plan

    published July 1, 1999

    Every so often you overhear someone in an art museum or gallery wishing, "If only the art could talk." Yet when contemporary art--thanks to... More >>

  • This Old Crater

    published June 10, 1999

    A gale roaring up the side of Roden Crater, blasting construction grit and sand into the gray-bearded face of artist James Turrell, is making it... More >>

  • Tush Push

    published May 13, 1999

    Compared with its recent exhibitions of paintings on copper and works from ancient Egypt, the Phoenix Art Museum's "Great Design: 100 Masterpieces... More >>

  • Street Without Hope

    published May 6, 1999

    Through binoculars at night, the corner of Ninth Avenue and Madison Street is a murky scene of people milling in the dark. Yet the few lights in... More >>

  • Running Against the Heard

    published April 15, 1999

    It's tempting to say the Heard Museum's new $18.1 million expansion has transformed the institution. But you don't have to wander very far through... More >>

  • Unbeara-Bull?

    published March 25, 1999

    Mimes are usually mute and wave gloved hands in the air. Actors pretend to be someone--anyone--else. Yet you never know what to expect from... More >>

  • Wizards of West Wood

    published March 4, 1999

    You see it in American art museums all the time: women towing men from object to object, cooing over things that make the fellers squirm or want... More >>

  • What a Crock

    published February 25, 1999

    The old joke about ceramics--that muddy array of things made of clay--is that the difference between a pot and a vase is about 10,000 bucks. Not... More >>

  • Lord of the Rings

    published January 21, 1999

    There are rocks. Then, in jewelry lingo, there are rocks--those glittering gems of high fashion and net worth. Yet the rock that jewelry... More >>

  • King Copper

    published January 7, 1999

    The Phoenix Art Museum has wasted little time in living up to the cultural promise of its expansion and renovation. Barely two years into its new... More >>

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