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  • Chick Filet

    published April 5, 2001

    Christie's Cabaret claims to have "the most amazing lunch in town," and the fact is, it probably does. Topnotch sandwiches. Chicken wings that are... More >>

  • Ethel Mmmmmm

    published February 22, 2001

    Ethel McGill, who makes wonderful food, is not afraid to say so. In general, she tells it like it is."This here is Texas sheet cake," she might... More >>

  • Wrap Group

    published February 22, 2001

    Because nothing says "unlimited potential" quite like a cold, dead fish, it is perhaps not obvious that your best option, when confronted with... More >>

  • The Range Loner

    published February 8, 2001

    Lewis Bottomly is not given to exaggeration."I've met some very good chefs," he says, and indeed he has: among them, Julia Child and Jacques... More >>

  • Hoop Dreams

    published February 1, 2001

    If the Native American sport of hoop dancing demands an analogy, the Hula-Hoop is not it. "It's almost like a house of cards," offers Rebecca... More >>

  • Raw Deal

    published January 25, 2001

    It looks like a cooking class, and it smells like one. But this is not a cooking class. And Tanya Ferguson, who is wearing an apron and... More >>

  • Monk Business

    published January 11, 2001

    Presumably, there was a time when the Drepung Loseling Monastery could have assembled a debate team to put Princeton's to shame.... More >>

  • Star Struck

    published January 4, 2001

    For astrologer Dana Haynes, timing is everything. "Astrology is all about cycles," she says, "and everything works with timing."So Haynes, who... More >>

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Archives: 2001