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  • Shameless Plug

    published June 10, 2004

    "I'm having a fucking nervous breakdown!" Ask author Laurie Notaro how she's doing, and you may get an answer like that. We did. It's... More >>

  • Draggin' Tale

    published June 10, 2004

    Sat 6/12 An old Sesame Street ditty ("One of these things is not like the others . . .") will prove useful this Saturday, June... More >>

  • Downpour

    published June 3, 2004

    From rappelling to resort pooling to ice blocking, here's a guide to finding the key ingredient for summer survival: water. Slip Sliding... More >>

  • Let'er Drip

    published May 27, 2004

    Fri 5/28 "We have acrylics, oils, photography from color [to] black and white," says Jessica Jordan, manager and part-owner of Tempe's... More >>

  • Bike Path

    published May 20, 2004

    Thu 5/20 Remember when the motorcycle was the ultimate symbol of outsider rebellion? Those who've grown up with a perception of the... More >>

  • Biker Chicks

    published May 6, 2004

    Mon 5/10 In the grand tradition of twosomes taming the open road (Thelma and Louise, Bill and Ted, Kermit and Fozzie), Rosella North... More >>

  • First Steps

    published April 22, 2004

    Fri 4/23 "I don't want the audience to blink," says Hodgie Jo, artistic director for Imation Dance Company, "not even once, throughout... More >>

  • Eco Trip

    published April 15, 2004

    4/17-4/18 "We have all the answers now in terms of technology, clean water, clean air, transportation, building, education [and]... More >>

  • Something Gold, Something New

    published April 1, 2004

    Fri 4/2 First Friday visitors will schlep about longer than usual this week, thanks to the debut of the Gold Spot Transitional Bar &... More >>

  • Unified Movement

    published April 1, 2004

    4/1-4/2 East and West, past and future . . . Desert Dance Theatre and New York's H.T. Chen & Dancers prance across cultural and... More >>

  • Lit Parade

    published March 18, 2004

    Love it or hate it, Arizona is home for most of us because wherever we came from wasn't as (take your pick) warm, cheap or brimming with... More >>

  • Voiceless Victims

    published March 11, 2004

    With gay rights at the forefront of political debate, "timely" seems too insipid a word to describe the arrival of "Nazi Persecution of... More >>

  • A-Verse to Tradition

    published February 19, 2004

    "Ask your doctor if this poem is right for you," Bill Campana begins innocently enough. "I took Levitra." You can imagine what follows.... More >>

  • A Man of Letters

    published January 15, 2004

    1/15-1/31 Talk to Gus Edwards, and it's clear he has an opinion on everything under the sun. It's also clear that he doesn't take them... More >>

Archives: 2004